Cajsa Fast Five: June 17th

Fast Five Two years ago today I brought Oscar home. He has been such a surprise. At the Humane Society, he was not a friendly cat and I was told not to expect much affection. Hah! He’s been wonderful and very loving, even if he does sound more like a duck than a cat.

  1. You Could Probably Rule the World from SL, if You Wanted To. Aemeth Lysette has an inspiring and thoughtful post about her success in using SL to enhance her opportunities in real life as well. 
  2. Your SL Evolution – Harper Beresford challenged folks to put together a timeline of their style evolution a few years back when she was hosting a forum on SL’s Community blog for Fashion Week. So many responded she created a Flickr group. For SL10B, she had the great idea of putting up an exhibition with an updated photo. Be sure to check out her blog and her gallery at SL10B.
  3. Sleepover: The Arcade often brings out our inner child, but no more so than with Carthalis Rossini in this fun little post exposing his inner child. Adorable.
  4. When Boredom Strikes: Josiah Lee Baxter’s post is striking, powerful and captivating. He knows that sometimes simplicity is stronger and more powerful than anything else.
  5. Three Doors Down – Kryptonite: I just love the naturalness and simplicity of her outfit and her poses. The pictures looked snapped, not posed. Beautifully done


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