Styling with the St✰rs of Second Life®

I have been without my computer too long now. I fell asleep while reading this morning and dreamed I walked into a real-life store staffed with some of the Style St✰rs of Second Life walking around in the flesh,  talking up fashion and trying to style me up to the minute.


First there was Sasy Scarborough who kept posing while I was talking to her, bending over and stroking her leg and reminding me that clean lines and smooth skin were the ultimate fashion essential. I was flummoxed and kept naming skin brands, “So should I get Lelutka, Glam Affair, Belleza, PXL, Adam n Eve? What are you saying?”

4d3e_Angelina_Jolie_-_Legs_012070112She just shook her head in disappointment. The thing is you never want to disappoint Sasy. After all, she’s the standard bearer of fashion bloggers and even though she’s just the tiniest bit bossy (Surely that is why she came embodied as Angelina Jolie) it’s always for your own good.

So of course, I was sad that I was so disappointing, but after I woke up I realized that she was telling me to wear SLink’s hands and feet with appliers for smooth skin and of course her own brand of FLAIR manicures and pedicures that come in nearly 100 versions. Sometimes I am not the brightest person while I sleep.

image Eboni Khan was also full of advice on mixing, matching and accessorizing. You might not recognize her real life avatar since she is a hair dresser on a reality show that I don’t think ever got any traction. Her name is Valincia Saulsberry and I can totally understand why she played Eboni in my dream. She is a hairdresser in a Chicago salon and even though she could make so much more money doing weaves and straightening hair, she encourages her clientele to wear their hair natural. She never makes it about the politics of not having their beauty defined by white culture but emphasizes the power of believing you are beautiful as you are – natural. I adore her.  And she takes no guff from anyone. That’s Eboni, powerful and no guff.

Valincia-Saulsberry She is also into hot shoes which makes her a great match for Hucci’s Eboni Khan who was telling me that the higher the heel, the closer to heaven which I think she stole from another Style Network show.

But Hucci does make shoes for SLink shoes, so it makes total sense that she and Sasy were tag-teaming me.

But they were not alone! After all, shoes and manicures and pedicures do not make a look. At least not one safe for I Heart SL.


john-rhys-davies This is where it starts to get surreal. Kavar Cleanslate from Exile was trying to help me choose my clothes. Did he mention hair even once? No, he did not. He talked fabrics – silks, taffetas, patterns, prints and so on. He was determined to make me an asymmetric skirt (to highlight that leg that Sasy was concerned about) with a mix of floral and geometric prints and kept galumphing (yes, galumphing) off to the fabric store (closer to the Casbah than Mood) to bring back options. Why was he played by John Rhys-Davies? I have no idea. It’s probably some deeply psychological reason that is better unexamined.

th The only one talking to me about hair was Gogo from Juicybomb and she was telling me to go blonde. Well, that makes sense. She really does not like red hair. Why is she Megan Hilty? I dunno, because Megan Hilty is today’s Marilyn? Anyway, Oscar started standing on my neck and rubbing my nose with his to wake me up before I managed to see any more Style St✰rs which may be a good thing!

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  1. Harper Ganesvoort

    To borrow from Roarke in the most recent J. D. Robb, Calculated in Death, “You have such a busy, fascinating brain.” (Eve’s dreams tend to be on the surreal side when she’s on a case, though they also tend to help her solve it.)

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