Cajsa Fast Five: May 27th

Fast FiveIt’s 7:00 a.m. and do you know where you computer is? I do. It’s back at the factory. There’s a handy site I can enter my Service Repair Order # into and see where my lappy is at the moment.  I keep checking.


  1. Yemana – Harper Ganesvoort has some eerie photos and a disquieting poem. The photos are beautifully lit. 
  2. Stand 4 Love – Dim Sum and Opal Lei stand 4 love.  It’s an important statement and a fabulous use of projectors, too.
  3. Au Couer Blesse in Second Life – Honour McMillan shows us a fabulous sim, Flocke, in an elegiac post memorializing George Moustaki, the singer-songwriter who died last Thursday at 79,
  4. Bull – I love this photo of Serene Fairey wearing a gorgeous traje de luz. The best thing, though, is the wit that is behind the photo. It’s clever, funny and perfect.
  5. A Helping Hand – I love this photo from Cherylblossoms. It’s melancholy but filled with compassion and kindness. Yes, an SL photo full of kindness!
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