Cajsa Fast Five: May 26th

Fast Five Day Three with no laptop and no Second Life® and I can hear my inventory calling me. There are boxes hollering “Rez me!” and skin demos crying “Try me on!” and hair and jewelry whispering “Don’t leave me.” I promise I will be back as soon as I can, but my inventory is not listening.

  1. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.  Sophee Mojo’s outfit is adorable and so is her picture. And of course, hearts will never be practical because an unbreakable heart would never be tender enough to feel love. That feeling is worth the risk of breaking. 
  2. Amber leads a structured life. Bayberry Lilliehook is apologizing for her picture quality and she needs to stop. I love her picture. I like the originality with the angle and the pose. I like the styling with the little pop of red surprise. She made me want to log in and buy that jacket and those jeans. Not everyone has a top of the line monster computer – and if she can get pictures like this with what she has, more power to her.
  3. Boudoir – Dantelica Ethaniel has an amazing couple of photos. Ho hum! When doesn’t she have amazing photos. What she does show is that creativity and imagination trumps perfection every day of the week. If you go through her blog, you can see that crisp shadows and perfect poses with no intersections and all the other technicalities that we obsess over are overwhelmed by the power of originality, creativity and a unique perspective.
  4. Pretty Things. This post is well-named. Lila Quander blogs the same jacket as Bayberry Lillihook for a completely different look. And now I doubly want that jacket and I want that skirt, too. I love her styling.
  5. The Runway Perfect Hunt #4 If we start by establishing that I do not like hunts, not at all, you can realize that Wicca Merlin has overcome tremendous odds and made me want to do a hunt. How did that happen?
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7 thoughts on “Cajsa Fast Five: May 26th

  1. Lila Quander

    I am always to last find out when someone writes about me. LOL! Thank you so much for featuring my post! I am truly flattered, especially since I value your opinion and am among so many talented bloggers <33

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