Cajsa Fast Five: May 25th

Fast Five Day Two with no laptop and no Second Life®. but what with Plurk and the Second Life feeds, I am not completely cut off. In fact, I am developing a shopping list for when I get back.


  1. Summer in My Winter: I love the first picture. I like to see folks shoot from different angles and  capture emotions with their snaps. It’s a great shot by Virtual Evangelical.
  2. Prim Perfect Talks at Home & Garden Expo: Prim Perfect will be hosting 17 or more creators in a Q&A format with audience participation/question time during the Expo. The complete schedule is posted here.
  3. Challenge Gallery 40: Engage and a Special Challenge: The Single Frame Stories website should just be bookmarked to check every week for the new challenge gallery because there is always something worth seeing. This week, Sinjin Cooperstone offers an amazing photo that I would love to have framed and on my wall.
  4. Second Life’s Favorite Game Show: Tymmerie Thorne presents a fun, excitement filled episode in the game we have all experienced – what was I wearing when I logged out.
  5. May Rain – I live in Oregon where May=Rain so this spoke to me no matter what. However, I really want you to check out the photos by Jule Lemondrop. The last one in particular is stunning.
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