Cajsa Fast Five: May 24

Fast Five My laptop’s graphic card died an ugly and painful death. Services were held at the Mac Store and it’s been shipped back to the factory for resurrection. Luckily, I can still stay in touch on my 10 year-old desktop, so long as I don’t try something too fancy. Remembering how incredibly fast it was when I got it 10 years ago, it’s funny how mind-numbingly slow it is now. Everything is relative.

  1. Blog the Beat: A Weekly Musical Challenge – Harlow Heslop jumps into the weekly challenge field with an innovative challenge that may be more interesting than most. I have mentioned before that it seems like many bloggers have lost their own voice by doing so many challenges, particularly those who only blog once or twice a week. If they do two challenges, they blog nothing driven by their own interests. That said, this challenge opens the door for a lot of creativity and should not generate dozens of look-alike responses. From her own first entry, Mirrors, it looks like it may inspire exciting creative exploration. So, to Blog the Beat, read the lyrics from her song of the week and see what pictures they inspire for you.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: Lette Ponnier’s FAQ for Firestorm has some essential reading for everyone. You know that MeshMaxConcurrentRequests debug setting? Chances are you are using it wrong. Use it right and you will have less lag.
  3. Almost Ready: Lilo Denimore is fibbing is she says she’s almost ready. She’s only half-dressed, but the photo is fabulous with the naturalistic pose and the sense of something just about to happen.
  4. Vibrance: Madeline Zenfold has a gorgeous photo. I love the desaturated colors.
  5. Amelie Knelstrom’s Photostream Her photos are like Lay’s Potato Chips. You can’t pick just one. For dreamy, beautiful photos be sure to check her out. Her pics are darling, peaceful, contemplative, dreamy, and just plain beautiful.
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