Retrofitting Club Gear

If I Were Clubbing_001

Digging through my inventory you might find a lot more items from Nomine that you’d imagine. Most of them are things I bought some time ago and the quality is too good for me to find a reason to trash outright.

Rooting through my giant closet though, I could not for the life of me remembering buying a skirt there. I was wrestling with something to wear to the Velvet this Sunday for Cajsa’s Jazz set, this week it was Latin Jazz and I figured if I got my look right I might make it a day of dancing. So I put on this skirt and had that instant moment of being transported back.
If I Were Clubbing_003

Flashback two years at my five year rez day party at Rouge. Munchflower, who is the owner of Nomine was there and she handed me this little skirt as a rez day present. It hadn’t been a very good month, and this huge party at Rouge and the outpouring of friendship, some from folks I only knew a little, pushed me onward and made unhappy days happy.

If I Were Clubbing_002

I thought mesh + system + prim might be a fun way to celebrate where fashion has been and where it’s going. And just to prove, there is a reason why I never clean my inventory. I’d lose gems that remind me of such amazing and happy days.

I Should Get Ready For Work


And now if you’ll excuse me, this clubbing girl has to hit the shower and get to work.

Why is the man always keeping me down? Can’t he see I just wanna party and play video games?

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”

                                                    ~Cormac McCarthy

Gidge Is Wearing:
Bodysuit: :::Sn@tch Jett Lace Bodysuit
Hair: *Alice Project* Disna [M] – Infinity
Legs::[the Plastik]:- Anathaema Legs[L-S-Black]://Yellow
Top::[the Plastik]:- Little Ghost [S]:// Errant
Eyes and Eye Makeup: Miamai_Protagoniste Vanity
Skirt: Nomine Miniskirtz – blood roses black
Nails: Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails (ANIM)
Nail Color: FLAIR
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Alyx – Pure/Eye B (ltbrow)

Purple Chair: Trompe Loeil

Shot on location at The Velvet and My Linden Home


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