Cajsa Fast Five: May 8th With a Haiku

Fast Five Happy Hump Day! By now most of you have already clicked through the new Terms of Service. Some of you may have even read it. For a good explanation of why it may have been necessary, check out this post from Vaki Zenovka: Linden Lab’s New TOS, the Bank Secrecy Act, and You.

  1. Ink Innovations: Nian Designs Affordable Solution to One of SL’s Oldest Avatar Issues. Iris Ophelia highlights a new solution to an old problem, the inability to have different tattoos on the right and left side. There’s even a full-perm kit for you to make your own. 
  2. Kiss Off: This photo from Whiskey Monday had everyone on plurk agog! Yes, agog! It’s on my top ten list.
  3. Mine Eyes Are Back in Second Life: Honour McMillan is back after an illness and has a twofer today with wonderful, beautiful sims to visit. I am going after I finish this post.
  4. Just In Time: Opal Lei does Strawberry Singh’s Haiku meme and gives me the opportunity to be self-referential. I cannot resist.
  5. Touch My Heart and Feel Summer: Clarysa Damiano has a beautiful photo with some friends. The styling is lovely and the set is dressed by the inimitable Neva Crystall.

p.s. I wrote a Haiku

Write posts everyday.
So many, too many blogs,
I try to keep up.

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