Cajsa Fast Five: April 21st

Fast Five[]===23ww34! Oscar says “hello” as he butts his head and purrs in my ear. I felt like purring myself when I read the lovely post from Chalice Carling called The Givers of SL. Thank you so much, Chalice. Gidge and I are both very grateful.

  1. N0. 230: Jillsun Beverly does a great job styling with creativity and imagination. In this outfit, she makes a Gorean tunic out of a Maitreya cocktail dress. Thanks to Lourdes Denimore for sharing the post on plurk. 
  2. Fantasy Faire 2013: The Muses Instead of linking directly to Grazia Horwitz’s specific post featuring an incredibly beautiful dress, the first link takes you to her front page so you can admire her clever blog design that features front page teases in black and white that lead to the full-color full picture posts behind the cut. I love this look. It’s so chic. And the post with the dress is amazing, too. 
  3. E & L, My Spring Bouquet: Lady L-Roy has a fabulous photo featuring the popular Flirtini dress from Drift. Her styling and composition give a new perspective on this dress that has been seen in dozens of blogs.
  4. Pin Me Down @ Fantasy Faire: Sawa Gothly’s photos are breathtaking and intense. There’s real power in the way she uses light and shadow. Striking and memorable headshots that show how evocative makeup can be.
  5. Stumbling on Beltane in Second Life – Honour McMillan always finds the best places – and this time she found one by noticing the name on the map next to where she originally planned to go – and that’s how magic happens.
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