Cajsa Fast Five: April 19th

Fast Five There’s so much today, that I had my five before I even began browsing feed.There’s a video preview of Fantasy Faire that is stunning, a great Disney Bound post and info on an advertising campaign you might be interested in.

  1. SL DisneyBound – Merida: I want the hair. This is simply stunning and  one of my favorite from all the DisneyBound challenge posts yet. I love everything Elisaokkbye did from the dress to the hair to the pose. 
  2. A Secret Setting in the Viewer? The folks over at Firestorm/Phoenix are having altogether too much fun. You simply must look at the photos. The last one from Whirly Fizzie had me laughing myself silly.
  3. The Drax Files Episode Four – Fantasy Faire/RFL: Draxtor Depres interviews Zander Greene, one of the organizers of Fantasy Faire. Zander is an incredible interview, articulate and expressive in his language. The video is beautiful highlighting much of the beautiful of Fantasy Faire.
  4. A Tiny Roleplay Misunderstanding in Second Life – Honour McMillan has been blogging about travel in SL for a long time and often posts wonderful explorations of different sims. This time, however, something went awry.
  5. Casting Call: Apply to Star in a Second Life Ad Campaign –  Here’s your shot at your 15 minutes of SLfame and SLebrity. LL is looking for avatars who are willing to reveal their RL selves and whose avatars and RL selves are different.
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