Cajsa Fast Five: April 14th

Fast Five Happy April 14th. So Oscar ate my post yesterday and posted one of his own. It got more hits than usual which obviously says something. What, I don’t know. But something. Anyway, today’s post is full of pretty pictures and an essay on teaching in SL, or rather why aren’t we doing more.

  1. Second Life, This Dangerous Thing: Lizzie Gudkov asks why teachers are so resistent to using Second Life as an immersive teaching tool and what can be done to change that resistance. She’s looking for suggestions so if you have ideas, please add them in comments. 
  2. Men Are Pigs: Drew VeauDeau has one of the funniest and cleverest photos to illustrate – complete with a fun post as well. I love the photo.
  3. Wonderland Hop: Caduceus Lorakeet does another masterful job with an alternative avatar. This time it’s the Coco Rabbit and I just love it.
  4. 443: Danni Ravenelli has a great casual outfit and wonderful pics to show it off. I love the confidence she displays in her first photo which is the one that drew me into the blog post.
  5. The Edge of the World: Charisma Jonesford has a beautiful and emotional evocative photo. Her description of standing by the ocean is spot on. It is a a magical experience and she captures that.
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