Cajsa Fast Five: April 11th

Fast Five Today is going to seem all about me, me, me! But I can’t help it. It’s just my lucky day.   However, there are posts about other things, too. One is a Flickr PhotoSteam that every SL explorer should follow – for fabulous landscape photos and ideas for places to shoot.

  1. Connecting 365 SL Lives – Cajsa Lilliehook: Today was my turn to write an entry for Katya Valeska’s blog sharing the stories and experiences of folks in SL. There are still openings, so if you want to participate, please click on the To Connect tab and apply. 
  2. Playing With Projectors: I have been playing with projectors for a while now and on a whim put one on sale on Marketplace. Strawberry Singh kindly blogged all about it and I was thrilled to see my projector in use. And besides, there’s a beautiful picture! If you’re at work, though, there is tasteful nudity. 
  3. Stop Ripping Art from the Internet for Your Mesh Clothes Idiots: Not mincing her words, Aemeth Lysette addresses a strange contradiction in how fashionistas sometimes draw their lines being more accepting of real IP theft of other people’s images while having disdain for the legal use of licensed full perms. She has a point.
  4. Pool Extension Landscape: Editorial Clarity-Flux added a pool to his new home. Then he had to landscape it to make it blend in as an organic part of his home and did a magnificent job. He explains his design process and makes me want a pool extension too. I just don’t have a home to extend it from.
  5. Michiel Bechir’s PhotoStream: Michiel Bechir does not have a blog. Instead he posts his photos to Flickr. He mostly shoots beautiful landscapes. Even better, he always provides a SLURL so you, too, can find those beautiful places. You should follow his stream if you are someone who wants ideas for places to go in Second Life.
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3 thoughts on “Cajsa Fast Five: April 11th

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook Post author

    Good catch on that specific instance. I have seen other more obvious examples of art finding its way onto t-shirts, mainly cartoon art and such. I think the contradiction remains, though, that there is such contempt for people who use legally licensed templates while there is a kind of, I want it in SL so I don’t care if it’s IP theft attitude toward the other. I am not immune. I think there are things from RL that I want in SL – like an old Coke machine and Coke bottles, to name one example. It is infringement, but is not as looked down on as much a legitimate licensed mesh.

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