Cajsa Fast Five: April 10th

Fast Five April 10th! Three of my hometown friends share this birthday, so I spent the morning catching up. I guess I have known them since birth since they were still in the hospital when I was born on the 15th – not that I remember! Anyway, that is why I am off to a late start on this today.

  1. The Fashionista – A Second Life Role-Play Archetype. When Gidge, Hybie and I started brainstorming ideas for the Fashionista Achievement Awards series, our goal was humor. However, Estelle Pienaar is deadly serious in suggesting that we are, in fact, role-playing and should recognize that fact. It’s an interesting article that unpacks  some of our assumptions about Second Life. I think of SL as a social media community, but confess that yes, there are role-playing elements. What do you think?
  2. Mesh Deformer in Action: Nalates Urriah shares a YouTube video from David Turenne of the newest iteration of the Mesh Deformer.  I point to her post instead of the video because she adds valuable context and commentary. Frankly, her blog is full of news today, with a link to a good tutorial on materials, info on the new viewer and much more. She’s been busy.
  3. Thanks, LL, Now the Nineties Are Back: Aemeth Lysette is excited about the new Materials texturing but recognizes it has potential for abuse. Could materials be the new bling? Check out her funny post and see what you think?
  4. Memoirs: LisSska Sl has a gorgeous photo and a beautiful blog. However, you know how blogspot says there may be mature content and click to continue? Well that question comes up in Russian, so don’t be worried. It’s just cyrillic and not some phishing scheme or anything.
  5. Lion:  Rayne Morgan’s post featuring Lelutka’s Jolie hair has two pictures, one of which has been photoshopped into a glorious study of the hair with fabulous lighting. Very beautiful.
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