Cajsa Fast Five: April 9th

Fast Five What a day! We get to meet a new survivor from Gallifrey. That does not happen often. There’s a crazy, fun sim highlighted and SL textures may be changing dramatically in the future.

  1. The Time Lord’s Idiot Cousin: Whovians rejoice! There is another Time Lord in town, but he’s a bit on the sad side as his Tardis has no door. If you love the Doctor, you should check out Caduceus Lorakeet’s fun and clever new post.  And alert the BBC.
  2. Summer Vacation Time: Jackson Redstar features an incredibly whimsical sim that makes me want to log in right now and not even finish this post. The sacrifices I make for you readers! 
  3. Playing with Materials Processing in SL: Inara Pey did yeoman’s work explaining why we should be excited about the advances in the new materials project viewer released yesterday. If you are a creator, you definitely need to check this out. If you aren’t, but want to know what you can expect, check it out anyway. She explains everything in a clear, simple way that un-fuddles this non-techie.
  4. Angel: Audrey Cresci has a beautiful post. Romantic, ethereal, dreamy – with gorgeous pics.
  5. 223: Nati Williams has an adorable post full of kittens. I am in love with those kittens. I have the black and white one (like Oscar, of course) and added my tip jar scripts to him and now have an Oscar-like kitty tip jar.
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