The Fashionista Achievement Awards: Haters Gonna Hate Sweepstakes

This is the third in our ongoing coverage of the Fashionista Achievement Awards.

The simple truth is “Haters Gonna Hate” is true in every walk of life, including the AO-enhanced walks of Second Life’s Dedicated Followers of Fashion. In this round, the competition focuses on your ability to inspire absurd accusations to explain your success. After all, the explanation could never be so simple as hard work and skill, could it?

150 BronzeThe Bronze Haters Gonna Hate Achievement is when someone says you only receive review, preview or promotional items because you are an ass-kissing, brown-nosing suck-up. This happens often enough that it’s practically a medal for showing up.


150 SilverThe Silver Haters Gonna Hate Achievement is awarded when your success and hard work result in accusations of trading pixel sex for review copies. You get a special bonus if your success inspires Secrets and Anonyplurks from the jealous, unshod, unmaned, and undressed.


150 GoldThe Gold Haters Gonna Hate goes to a very select few who inspire such jealousy that you are accused of having enslaved a creator with your wiles to the degree said creator no longer works for themselves and now works for you, creating content for you. Few succeed in unlocking this achievement because it is hard work finding haters who are that unhinged.



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Fudge ::Plurk Frontpage Promotion::
Lady NoelAww I think I am only bronze level, unless someone has accused me of slexing and I don't know it. BETTER WORK HARDER.
Gogo ♔My fav is designers are afraid of you or that somehow you've managed to bully them into.... Doing nothing! I don't have any designers enslaved lolol
☆Lourdes☆I'm kinda disappointed I've never been accused of any of those
♥ Alicia ♥Do they still get the silver level if they're not just accused, but it's actually true? (LOL)
Asha That was classic.
Obsoletethe Gold Medal accusation actually happened?
(((Cajsa)))obsolete: Yesterday's SL Secrets. I have no idea who is being accused, but the accusation was riding every train to crazy town.
FudgeSo funneh
FudgeGirl there is only one train to crazy town
ObsoleteHahah oh wow
☆Lourdes☆wait I can get review copies for hoping on a poseball and faking it??
Darkleygutted, not even bronze again
HurebinAww I think I am only bronze level
Ser Pouncenot even bronze for me that i know of
Ser Pouncei suck at these
☆Lourdes☆ElyHynes: you know we can fix that.
Ser Pouncenah not my thing
☆Lourdes☆too late got my crayons out...
Ser Pounce
Ser Pouncei´m gonna be special and be in the secrets
Ser Pouncemake a good one of me
Ser Pouncesomething scnadalous so i can pretend i am a celebrity

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