Cajsa Fast Five: April 7th

Fast Five I just finished up my set at The Velvet. This morning’s set featured the greats of West Coast Jazz – Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker and Eric Dolphy and others. Such a mellow way to wake up. The Fast Five are not mellow, though. Anything but mellow…

  1. No Booze in General: Ciaran Laval notes there seems to be a crackdown on alcohol and cigarettes on Marketplace.  What struck me as ironic is that the article was prompted by a Stella Artois ad in the Google AdSense ads for the forums. Makes me wonder if Second Life® is not actually following that policy with the AdSense ads. It’s even stranger, because Google AdSense’s TOS prohibits blog content that promotes alcohol, smoking or drugs, but will then run ads promoting alcohol. 
  2. A Real Folkboat: And now for something completely different. Orca does a thorough review of the new Calypso 360, a cabin cruiser for the sailing enthusiasts of SL. With info about wind speeds and stability and the like, this sounds like a boat that is my speed. As in easy to use. My favorite boat, though, is still the 1L sailboat from Enkythings that is kind of a point and go boat. I have no idea about wind speeds.
  3. Linden Dollar: Another Virtual Currency Affected by FinCen: The US Treasury’s Financial Crime Enforcement Network has issued new guidelines. Alex Kadochnikov provides some insight into how they will affect Second Life. For most of us, it won’t matter unless Linden Lab decides to change to dollars instead of lindens. Inara Pey examines the ramifications and shares some of the feedback from forum discussions.
  4. Fear: Whiskey Monday rather fearlessly confronts her fears.  This is a bracingly honest personal essay that confronts difficult experiences and old conflicts without flinching. I think we all censor ourselves for one reason or another. Sometimes we say it is to be kind, but is that also fear? I don’t think I have examined myself quiet as fearlessly as she has, so I don’t know the answer to that for myself.
  5. The Weekend: Such a fun and spring is here kind of photo. Kallisto Destiny takes fabulous photo and this one has me longing for summer. Her outfit is cute and I love the hand keys, except for one thing. I would never hold keys while sitting on a dock. What if I dropped them? You know that the lake bed under a dock is always mucky from being in the shade. Leeches! Eeek!
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