Cajsa Fast Five: April 6th

Fast Five Today is the final day of AVENUE Fashion Week and I will be heading in-world to watch the shows soon. There are five shows today, so lots to see.  OF course, there is also a lot to to see on the blogs.


  1. Challenge Gallery 33: Watch – The Single Frame Stories photos inspired by the challenge word “Watch” are gathered together. It is so much fun to see who different people run with their ideas, all in different directions. 
  2. The Grey-haired Librarian: Dim Sum runs into another cat! I love this series and today’s picture features another beautiful cat.
  3. 1000L Cash Prize: Caduceus Lorakeet writes about a 55 question meme with a cash prize for the one with the best answers and other random prizes. It’s totally funny and the pics Caduceus took to comply with the secondary contest – a very random contest – are great.
  4. Fashion Week: Tanaquil looks gorgeous in the fabulous picture. The styling is great and I must have that dress.
  5. 054: Yukachoco Magic looks beautiful and I totally love the tops she is wearing. The styling is fantastic and so is the setting. I wish I knew where it was.


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