Cajsa Fast Five: April 4th

Fast Five So one of my sisters has a birthday today and another has a birthday on the 11th and if you add the 4th and 11th, you get my birthday. For some reason that always seemed so significant when I was a kid. Now, not so much.

  1. Delicatessen – Meta Body II: Hybie Mynx revisits Delicatessen and discovers it has changed dramatically. Be sure to check out her post about the beautiful new changes and the second iteration of Meta Body
  2. Missing Prims – Collaboration Confirms Viewer Issue: So if you have been thinking SL has been ornery lately, you are probably right. There is an increased reporting of missing prims and Inara Pey lays out the problem cogently and shows how useful user collaboration can be in pinpointing problems.
  3. The Secrets of Mesh Land Impact: Loki Eliot has a tutorial on uploading mesh. It is heavily illustrated, in clear, easy-to-understand language and I even understood it and I try not to know more than I have to about the inner workings of SL.
  4. Introducing the SLink Avatar Enhancement System: Siddean Munro has introduced a system for hands and feet similar to those with mesh breasts. She provides development tools for skinners wanting to make appliers for her hands and feet.
  5. Watching Your Power Trip:  Volupturaptor Perl is true to femme fatale name in this fabulous outfit she styled. I so love the color story in this post and cannot stop looking at it.
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