Cajsa Fast Five: April 3rd

Fast Five It’s Fashion Week, so I hope you are heading out to the runway shows. It can be dangerous, I spent nearly all my money yesterday and there are still more shows to come. But don’t forget to check out the Fast Five after the show.

  1. An Event to Remember: Harper Ganesvoort employs her writing skills to create a fun short story illustrated with Second Life photos. I love to see creative and singular approaches to blogging and that is what she brings. 
  2. Meet This Sim: Memenot Mori with Finns: I almost did not click on this title in my reader because we have all seen Memento Mori so very many times. However, guest photographer makes it new again in this first post of a new series from Leda Carter.
  3. My SL Pet Peeves Meme: Strawberry Singh has a new meme. People are sharing their pet peeves. This can go two ways – into a spiral of negativity or into a storm of catharsis. Let’s all try and make it the latter.
  4. Spread Your Wings and Fly: Carthalis Rossini brings to life another amazing alternative avatar – an avian being this time. More than anyone, he consistently makes alternative avatars appealing.
  5. Loovus Dzevavor for AVENUE Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week: Mokatana Boa does a fabulous job highlighting some of the collection. I went to the show yesterday and was blown away. I spent way more than I can afford, but if you look at these pictures you will understand how that happened.
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