Cajsa Fast Five: March 27th

Fast Five So much going on! SL is moving forward with scriptless AO’s and group ban lists, things that will make residents happy. There’s a post highlighting a favorite store, some great pose props from the upcoming Pose Fair are shown off plus a good op-ed on review copies.

  1. SL Project Updates Week 13: Inara Pey has a roundup of all sorts of exciting improvement and changes to the viewer. If you have time for a second post, there’s also HTTP Updates, the what, why, who which talks about exciting developments that will improve stability. 
  2. Human Nature: Seriously, you should just bookmark Whiskey Shots by Whiskey Monday because I am tempted to include every post she makes.
  3. We Love Curio Obscura: We really do, so I am thrilled that Cheynne Palisades highlighted this fabulous and quirky treasure.
  4. Spring of 13: I love Rainey Manx’s fabulously fun photo. It’s tiny on the blog, so be sure you click on it so you can see it full size in all its glory. It made me smile and feel happy and what more can you ask? Can you say Pose Fair?
  5. Feed My Addiction and Feed It Well: Morgan Hilra shows off a great outfit and a great pose prop for Pose Fair.  However, the most interesting part of this post is her op-ed on blogging and review copies. I think she is right and urge you to check it out.
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