Cajsa Fast Five: March 26th

Fast Five Another Fast Five. My cat has been howling all morning demanding attention. He had food, water and really, has been sitting halfway on the laptop or on my shoulder all morning, so there’s no reason for it. Still, I am going to hurry and finish so I can pick him up and hold him like a baby. He is so weird, he likes to be held against my shoulder while I kind of stand and sway back and forth like when you comfort a baby. He’s 13. He should have grown out of this by now.

  1. A Little Night Fishing: Pearl Grey has a beautiful photo illustrating the joys of night fishing. That was illegal where I grew up unless you were fishing for compliments. 
  2. SL10B: Second Life announces its 10th Birthday Bash. Be sure to check out the deadlines for applying as an exhibitor or entertainer so you don’t miss your chance to be part of the big 10th birthday – a real milestone.
  3. Second Life Normal Textures Tutorial: This update from Nalates Urriah is more important to creators than fashionistas like me. However, reading it and watching the video makes me respect the level of expertise that is required for the high quality creations. It certainly makes the learning curve for becoming a creator much steeper. The results, though, look amazing.
  4. Free Style: That’s the name of the post, not the blog. Lady L-Roy has a fabulous photo with great styling of a casual look. She’s got those sneakers I want, too. I have them in my shopping cart! I think I am going to have to find that cardigan, too.
  5. 103: Qopi Pearl pulls together a mix of romantic Victoriana with up-to-the-minute Kawaii quirk and it should be a mess, but it is not. It works and that is what makes a stylist.
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2 thoughts on “Cajsa Fast Five: March 26th

  1. seicher rae

    There must be something in the feline air. My aging Persian has been clingy for the past day or so. And, yes, a little extra lovin’ plus (more importantly???) some Gerber’s strained turkey and gravy in her bowl. They have us so trained. 🙂

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