Cajsa Fast Five: March 25th

Fast Five It’s Monday so I am prepping my set for tonight at The Velvet. It’s a fun mix of some psychedelic rock, indie folk and blues and all sorts of songs that fall through the cracks. Not falling through the cracks are today’s Fast Five.

  1. Social Media Meme: Strawberry Singh kicks off another meme that could help you connect with your blogger friends and acquaintances on the many social networks you inhabit. The more people who do the meme, the more you all will be connected. I thought her photo to illustrate the meme was a bit of genius. 
  2. NSFW #6: Sawa Gothly shot an old-fashioned cheesecake photo and captured the style and mood perfectly. It’s probably safe for most work places since nothing untoward is showing. I really like how well she captured that style.
  3. Onigashima: Voshie Paine has gorgeous photos of a sim I am going to have to check out. It’s beautiful and dramatic, but I bet you can find places for quiet contemplation there as well.
  4. Untitled: Newnewpon (newreem waffle) has a photo that is so cute, so clever and so whimsical that it will make you smile. If it doesn’t, you need a hug.
  5. Lite Allure: Journey Lorakeet shot such a fabulous photo. I love using projectors and lighting and have to admire her innovative use of lighting. She projected a pattern and it’s fabulous.
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