Cajsa Fast Five: March 24th

Fast FiveA bonus today, Harper Ganesvoort found a very clever (non-SL) website for dressing up a doll in the style of Erté. We fashionistas love dressing up and dress up sites have been a fun addiction. This is a great addition. And on to the Fast Five.

  1. Working: I love, love, love this post from Sileny Noel. The angle of the shadow cleverly looks as through the shadow is working while she has paused and is thinking. So clever and the style and avatar are adorable, too. 
  2. Queen Boudicca: Clix Renfrew did a wonderful job bringing the ancient warrior queen who nearly routed the Romans from ancient Britain. She looks indomitable. Her header takes up a full screen so be sure to page down so you can see the post.
  3. Feeling Brave? Jessica Lyon announced that Firestorm is opening its preview group. Pros, you get to see what’s coming before it is released to everyone and can enjoy enhancements as soon as they are worked into the code. Cons, you get to see what’s coming before its kinks have been ironed out. In fact, you agree to help find the kinks and report them. If you are the sort who likes to be leading edge, not trailing edge like me, then think about helping improve the Firestorm viewer. I, on the other hand, will wait for you all to figure it out. I crash enough with the kinds ironed out.
  4. 839: So Neva Seljan looks as adorable as can be. She can pull together pieces you think won’t work together, but they do. And dang, I have to have those shoes! Looking at the vendor on Marketplace, you would have no idea how cool the shoes can be.  She really takes them to the next level by exploiting the color-change options to the max. See how good a job she did selling those shoes? I already looked them up on Marketplace!
  5. Bring Out Your Dead: Carthalis Rossini can be so innovative when putting together some alternative avatar. This one is so very unique that I was had to do a double and triple take. Such creativity is its own reward, but really, he deserves plaudits for his imaginative styling.
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