Cajsa Fast Five: March 23rd

Fast FiveThere is a Not-To-Be-Missed video today as well as a tutorial on landscaping, upcoming events, the weekly Single Frame Stories challenge and a fun outfit shot at a lovely mystery spot.  So much to see and do.


  1. Drax Files Episode Two: Jo Yardley, 1920s Berlin  The second episode of The Drax Files is out with a tour of 1920s Berlin, interviewing the creator. She gives an overview of the many events organized by the 1920s Berlin community. She explains how she recreates interbellum Berlin in real life as well as Second Life. 
  2. This Week on Seanchai Library: The schedule of readings for next week is out. If you like poetry, stories and listening to someone read, there’s a lot on the schedule you might like.
  3. Green Green Grass of Home: Cryssie Carver styled a fun, casual look and shot a great picture. I wonder where she shot the photo.
  4. Vanilla: The weekly collection of photos submitted to the challenge. This week’s word was vanilla.
  5. Comfort in Solitude: Ramblings About Landscaping and Decor and Creating Your Own Space: Elysium Hynes provides extensive and useful advice to guide you in landscaping your parcel. A tutorial worth bookmarking.
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