Cajsa Fast Five: March 22nd

Fast Five It’s Friday and in addition to the news that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode will feature all eleven Doctors, there is big news coming about AOs in Second Life® and a bunch of fabulous outfits with great pictures, plus a fun challenge.

  1. Second Life Scripting Changes: Nalates Urriah has the skinny on scriptless AOs which I imagine will do lovely things in terms of reducing script count and lag. I am not clear exactly how it will work, but I get the impression you attach an AO with scripts that set your animations, then you can detach the AO and the settings perseverate.
  2. Hangover: I love this photo from Kallisto Destiny. Great styling and a fabulous pose. You can imagine she and the horse are deliberately not looking at each other in that “you forgot to put molasses in with my oats.” sort of way.
  3. Wrong Way:  Sophee Mojo brings a fabulous outfit that I would happily wear in any life. The pics are great and she highlights some new eyes and skin. Her dedication to blogging is unquestionable as comes clear when you read the post.
  4. Blossoms in the Darkness: LJ Cazalet has a series of striking photos that are brought together with some creative writing, giving us a story full of imagination and possibility though she kindly leaves us to finish the story.
  5. SL DisneyBound: Week Two: Ariel “Kiss the Girl”  Natalee Oodles clarified the rules for the DisneyBound challenge and set out this week’s challenge. Be sure to check the comments to see people’s offerings.
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