Cajsa Fast Five: March 20th

Fast Five I don’t spent much time on the Second Life Community Forums, but occasionally the conversations get very interesting. Today’s Fast Five includes a forum discussion as well as a fabulous post about SL friendships.

  1. Will Second Life still be around 10 years from now? Charli Infinity posed the question at Second Life’s General Discussion Forum and a thoughtful discussion about SL, its future and what makes it viable began. Are you as optimistic as most of the commenters?
  2. Facts About Memes? Quan Lavender was going to do Berry’s Seven Facts meme, but  you know how it can go. Working on one thing makes you think of something else and leads you on an entirely new trajectory. That’s what happened here and she poses some worthy questions about the nature of relationships in Second Life.
  3. Thoughts of a Supermodel Waiting for the Shoot to Start. Harper Ganesvoort had fun writing this post and it shows.
  4. Second Life New 2013-12: Nalates Urriah goes to meetings so you don’t have to. She reports from a recent meeting and brings news of a new feature that is in development. Group Ban Lists are something people have wanted. She reports on what the Lab is working on. There’s other news including a possible no script AO. Yes, you read that right.
  5. Lièvre ★93: Shin styles a great outfit that is totally something I would wear to work. I love her mix of patterns, colors and textures.
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