Cajsa Fast Five: March 19th

Fast Five There is a theory that the more choices we have, the harder it is for us to decide. We become paralyzed by choice. That sure can happen in SL when there is always more things to do than we can ever get to. At least, here we are sticking to five.

  1. Neva River Sim Opening Its Doors: Neva Crystall is opening her home for visitors for ten days. If you saw her sim last year, it was beautiful. I will bet that it is even prettier this year. 
  2. Ribbet! OK, so this is not technically a Second Life blog post or even anything really close, but many folks in SL don’t have PhotoShop and would like a good alternative. This is very much like the old Picnik that people have been mourning since it went away.
  3. One more Spring post: Lana Quicksand shows us Whispering Wind, a beautiful sim to spend your springtime days in. It has a great mix of landscape and decor.
  4. Rainbow Connection – Aledia Underby makes the most of the new Alice Project Rainbow Glitter hair, styling with gusto.
  5. Look #417:  Alexiaa Allen’s first post in almost a month. If you check out her post, you will see why it’s nice to see her posting again.
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