Cajsa Fast Five: March 18th

Fast FiveBeautiful places, beautiful pictures and beautiful clothes. That’s what’s in today’s Fast Five.  Let’s start with the beautiful pictures.


  • Single Frame Stories: Blur Every week a bunch of photographers take up the challenge to shoot a picture inspired by a word. This week’s word was blur and they focus on it brilliantly. I love how very different all their ideas are. 
  • Lost in Time and Space: Open this set from Tillie Ariantho and set it on full screen and just read through a fun, humorous comic book created in SL. There is boobage so depending on your workplace, it may be NSFW.
  • Vintage Rose: Ruriko Bracken brings her inimitable style to create this gorgeous photo. I love her styling of a skirt we have all seen a dozen times or more. She makes it fresh and exciting.
  • Just Visiting: Hybie Minx shows you more of the gorgeous sim I shot my own post at last night. I feel a proprietary interest because when I arrived at the sim, I knew she would like it and dropped her a LM.
  • I Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates… I love Elle Couerblanc’s photos and Melanie Safka. I get two in one.
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