Cajsa Fast Five: March 14th

Fast FiveIf it were not tacky to highlight something from our own blog, I would tell you to read Gidge’s 7 Facts or Opinions for Berry’s meme because it is honest and funny as hell, but it probably is tacky, so I won’t tell you to GO NOW and READ Gidge’s 7 Facts or Opinions.

  1. Whiskey Monday: The Connecting: 365 SL Lives project is a wonderful glimpse into the people we encounter in Second Life. I have admired Whiskey Monday’s art and writing and love getting her perspective on SL, how she experiences it and what it means to her.
  2. Bastet: Eve Kazan visits Manta Caye and took beautiful pictures. She didn’t bring back any t-shirts, but she brought back stunning photos from a sim that I am going to visit as soon I get in-world.
  3. Snow Rabbit S@R Hybrid Avatar Head Nea: Gogo shows us how it is done. Bloggers anguish over whether to mention flaws in an item they are reviewing. Most bloggers opt to say nothing for fear of offending a creator. Gogo demonstrates again that anguish is unnecessary. She routinely writes honest reviews with photos that show items as beautifully as possible while pointing out her concerns and the flaws that bother her. This gives her a credibility that brings her a loyal readership; credibility that makes creators want her to blog their items, even if there may be criticism, because her credibility moves her readers to buy.
  4. White Tea: Sonya Marmurek gives us a villain in white. I love how she imagined a back story for her look that she styled. I mean, her description includes “you know she’s going to be the calmly speaking villain on a throne with a pet cat…” You really cannot miss this imaginative and wonderful post.
  5. Black and White: I just love the look Tanaquil Beaumont styled. It’s gorgeous, casual and still fashion forward with fun details.
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