Cajsa Fast Five: March 12th

Fast Five

Today we catch a meme, an updated version of a popular avatar, and lots of pretty pictures.


  1. My Seven SL Facts Meme: If you have not noticed, Strawberry Singh kicked off a meme that is spreading like wildfire.  Be sure to go to her post, not just for the original 7 Facts, but for the trackbacks from all the folks who are participating and collect all the facts.  
  2. Winterschlaf – Lisbeth Gummibaum styled an adorable outfit, shot a cute picture with a bit of sly sass and the entire post is simply lovely.
  3. New Ball-jointed Doll Avatar: Cocoro Lemon just released a new ball-jointed doll avatar that now aligns with the bones of the regular avatar, which should make it much easier to work with.
  4. Washing Up: So I want that sink. My aunt and uncle had that sink in their milk house on the farm. It was so big! Elle Kirshner took beautiful pictures that suit the style of the lovely bathroom items she is featuring. I totally wanted everything for the house I don’t have in SL.
  5. Summer Dreaming: I love the photo from Ayla Barzane in this post. The color is so rich. It’s a bold photo, with a saturated yellow that we seldom see. It’s totally captivating.
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