Cajsa Fast Fives: March 11th

Fast FiveWay too much interesting stuff today and I could have easily down a fast fifteen, so trimming to five was tough. I chose a review of a dance performance, a lovely personal essay, info on the new Tropes vs Women series and some fun fashion posts.

  1. Isley Oodles: Isley shares how Second Life gives her a sense of belonging and acceptance that she struggles to find in Real Life. Again, the Connecting: 365 Lives project delivers insight into how important friendship and community are to the success of Second Life. 
  2. Moulin rouge: love and loss in dance – Inara Pey has a great review of an in-world dance performance that comes with tips for experiencing the performance with the fewest technical problems possible. I loved the musical and think it would be fabulous to watch a dance interpretation in Second Life.
  3. A New Video Series About Sexism in Games Which Male Gamers Especially Should Share: You may remember last year when a woman launched a kickstarter campaign to raise money for a video series called Tropes vs. Women focusing on gaming. She has already done a similar series focusing on women in film. She was harassed to a remarkable degree, but that backfired and her kickstarted raised far more than ever expected. She has released her new series on gaming and Hamlet provides background info as well as encouragement for men to watch, listen and think about being an ally.
  4. Snow Rabbit for Skin Fair 2013: Lucie Bluebird reviews and previews a hybrid mesh avatar from Snow Rabbit.
  5. Owlfit # 196: Goizane Serenity is simply having too much fun! She went skateboarding, took a series of shots and has me wanting to try it myself.
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