Meow meow


(1) I might be wearing a lot more stuff that I love from The Arcade, especially this Pink Fuel skin and (2) there is poop on my skirt, a big stinky pile of it. The skirt is so damned cute and nicely made that I’m wearing it anyway. (3) Also, please note my beautiful shoes by Schadenfreude. They are bright and cheerful like a Lisa Frank sticker.


Shirt: Plastik industry lace in red
Shoes: Schadenfreude Classix Nouveaux oxfords
Hood: BCC cloak hood hot pink from The Arcade
Skin: Pink Fuel gacha – 05 – red succubus from The Arcade
Skirt: The Sea Hole Lorette (mesh) happy poo from The Arcade
Lunchbox: Katat0nik for The Arcade
Hair: Lamb sweet jane in my little pony
Eyes: NP Lunar Eyes in scarlett
Socks: Honey Kitty cutie cake knee socks in chocolat

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