Cajsa Fast Five: March 9th

Fast Five

Today we have adorable, cute, sweet and angelic photos. I must be in the mood for fashion candy today. Speaking of candy, there’s a post about The Arcade’s contretemps over selling Gacha items and for eye candy (not the kind you’re thinking) a photostream that may win your heart.

  1. The Fashion Freebie Fish: Dita Actor features an adorable dress for the upcoming Bunny Hunt with a lovely photo. She provides links to more info about the hunt. 
  2. Kat No. 127:  Katuehh Adderstein showcases a cute casual outfit with some fab accessories and reports on the opening of the Insight Forest gallery yesterday. I went to the gallery and really loved it, not just for the great art, but the beautifully executed exhibition space.
  3. Ice Cream: So this is only the second post on this blog from Ingkeu Soonkyu (Ink) but what a great start. Full of info and GACHA items with a fresh,  friendly writing style. I love her styling and her attention to details.
  4. The Arcade’s Latest SL Event Soured by a Virtual Property Rights Drama: Iris Ophelia tackles the controversy surrounding the yard sales that have grown up to facilitate buying and selling extra Arcade items that people end up with when trying to get that one thing they must have.
  5. Craigcoen’s Photostream: So it’s not a post, just browse for a while and fall in love with Second Life again.
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3 thoughts on “Cajsa Fast Five: March 9th

  1. El Firecaster

    I just wanted to let you know that I have really enjoyed your (and Gidge’s) fast five. I can only imagine how much time it takes to do this and yet you still manage to blog and take pics and all the other bajllion of things you do…on a daily basis. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us all….:))

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