Cajsa’s Fast Five: March 5th

Fast Five Today the Hula Hoop is 50 years old. More accurately, the patented Hula Hoop is 50 years old. Something tells me that people may have put hoops around their waists and held them suspended by swiveling their hips before there was ever a patent office. I also have five great posts for you to check out .

  1. Valena Vacano: Valena Vacano chronicles her long, frustrating, but ultimately successful struggle to find her niche in Second Life for the Connecting: 365 Lives project. She brings honesty and rigor to her story. 
  2. Sliding, But Not Dead – Inara Pey provides a broad and reasonable assessment of Second Life’s overall health. There’s no declarations of doom, but neither any starry-eyed optimism.
  3. Sugar’s Style & Grasp, Amacci – Sugar Planer put together an adorable casual outfit that makes me want to run out and tap some sugar maples, collect the sap and set it to simmering away on the wood stove.
  4. Owlfit #183 – Goizane Serenity tickles my funny bone with her photo for this post. It’s cheeky and fun and I love how well she did finding a setting that suited her outfit and her idea for the post.
  5. Mount Rush Moose: Today’s edition of Where’s Dim Sum just made me laugh and laugh. I love that blog!
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