Cajsa’s Fast Five: February 27th

Fast Five The Fast Five is a small collection of current blog posts that I think are outstanding for one reason or another, whether great photos, useful information or good writing.


  1. Rusty from Steffy Ghost has a fun, witty picture that will make you smile. It’s been nearly a month since she’s blogged, so I am glad to see she’s back and back with wit and style!
  2. Second Life News 2013-9: Nalates Urriah provides her usual clear synopsis of recent changes, updates and rumblings from the technical side of Second Life. There are big changes coming with Server Side Baking that might makes our user experience significantly better. Her update, as always, is comprehensive, informative and shaped by her viewpoint as a user.
  3. Time to Say Goodbye: Yordie Sands whose travel and Second Life journals have been so very interesting has left Second Life. She says goodbye and in doing so, models the way people should say goodbye. There are no suggestions that those who stay in SL need to get a life, no recriminations, nothing but a goodbye and a thank you to her community and friends.
  4. The Arrangement from Sophee Mojo. I like everything about this post. Her outfit is adorable and I am going to by that suit! I like her photo and the way she framed it with the street curving off to the right. She looks sophisticated and adorable and that’s a tough combination to pull off.
  5. Sky Is the Limit by Gig1 Resident. She has a great photo and a fabulous avant garde style that is reflected in her blog Bijinlicious’ tag line, “Life is too short to blend in.”
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