Cajsa’s Fast Five: February 25th

Fast Five



  1. The Tea Garden from Editorial Clarity-Flux. Gorgeous photos, beautifully design, and tea, what’s not to love?
  2. Burglaries, Brollies, Beauties, Books and Beasts – Inara Pey lists some upcoming book events (live readings) that folks might enjoy. I wish I had read this yesterday, I might have loved the Sherlock Holmes reading, though I could not have attended anyway because SL would not let me wear any clothes!
  3. Folly – from Dantelicia Ethaniel who always excites me with her wild eye when she takes her fashion photos.
  4. Tell Me a Story – from Elysium Hynes, not just because I like the picture, but because I want folks to know how she is using Pinterest to catalog Second Life events and sales.
  5. Love Missile F1-11 from Whimsy Winx who smartly addresses the problem of what to do when you have tight sleeves with your mesh hands.  I have just removed the wrists before and that didn’t work, but she has an elegant solution. You can see how well it works in her pictures.
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2 thoughts on “Cajsa’s Fast Five: February 25th

  1. Elysium Hynes

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog Casja it´s been an awesome experience si far mostly due to the kindness of people who have helped me. 🙂

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