Cajsa’s Fast Five: February 24th

Fast Five

What to read today?

  1. Inspire Your Look #187: Nati Williams rocks an adorable babydoll and matching shoes from Katatonik. I can feel my lindens getting ready to jump. 
  2. Dress Me! 20130222: iBi 8f8 shoots a pick with stunning use of lighting. If you have not seen his blog before, be sure to check the home page to see an innovative layout and approach.
  3. Inspirational Look #3: Arora Zanzibar occasionally reproduces RL pics that she is drawn to in SL, building a set, even editing her avatar to get as close as she can. Check out how well she went from inspiration to realization.
  4. GIMP Normal Maps – Nalates Urriah provides links to tutorials on normal maps to help creators adapt to new changes coming to second life with the addition of materials which to my understanding would allow you to repeat a texture on an objects to texture the object and then add, for example, a shadow to just one portion of the object. Don’t quote me on that.
  5. #143 – Rinko Humphreys posted a picture from a skybox that has me wanting that room in real life. I am experiencing total book nook envy.
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