Linden Home Makeover – Progress

Linden Home Makeover - 104 Proffit


104 Profitt continues to evolve weekly as creators release more amazing and beautiful mesh decor pieces. I am adding and subtracting to find that perfect look that suits me and makes dwelling within 117 prims a pleasure rather than a hardship.

Linden Home Makeover_Eat In Kitchen

Not too much is new with the kitchen. I put up a wall and a bit of decoration. This space is so big, I think I’d like an everyday version of Handverk’s holiday table to fill it. (HINT HINT HANDVERK).
Linden Home Makeover_Study/Work Nook

The study nook looks out over the quad courtyard I share with my ever missing neighbors.   But hey at least I have 100% privacy.

Linden Home Makeover_Living Room

The living room has had some tweaks, more than these even, but this is the current layout. Cheeky Pea is the predominant store with a rug from Barnesworth Anubis that I want to squish my toes into.

Linden Home Makeover_Living Room View 2
This is another view of the living room, looking toward the front door and foyer area. I put in a wall here too. I also went to the infohub at my neighborhood and picked up the texture pack for this home series so any walls or changes I made would coordinate. It’s free, so yay.
Linden Home Makeover_bedroom


The bedroom is another work in progress. I picked up the loose papers from Floor Plan at Fameshed, and recently added this book case from Trompe Loeil. Ugh – my bedside lamp needs moved over. I must’ve moved it when I turned it off last night!

I wasn’t sure about positioning the bedroom off of the front window, and by the foyer but it just sort of worked out like this and now I like the flow of it.
Linden Home Makeover_bedroom view and foyer


Looking into the bedroom from the foyer, I like the open space of the big windows and very stark colors in the room look very crisp from the outside. And seriously, I WANT TO IMPRESS MY NEIGHBORS DUH.

So that’s how it stands, my Linden Home Makeover. It will change and grow more, and I’m excited every time someone releases new low land impact mesh because my mind starts going “what can I move or get rid of to add it?”

I’ve got two prims left people. Who’s gonna get them?

Stay tuned.

Featuring furniture and decor from:

Cheeky Pea
What’s Next
Barnesworth Anubis
Scarlett Creative
Trompe Loeil


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