Queen of Ice and Snow

I Bring Snow


Sascha Frangilli sent me a note that said if I wasn’t too busy chasing around ducks I should check out this gown.

That might make no sense, except that – Sascha and I are RL facebook friends and she and several of my other friends thought that my quest for a duck for Christmas last week was for a duck for the yard or pond. I don’t have a pond. But, if I did, I suppose a duck might be a nice edition.

I like having SL people as RL friends though. And, that note, stuck in my mind reminded me to check out this latest fantasy inspired formal from Sascha 🙂 .

Winter is Here


I have to confess. Sascha makes so many layers that I generally put them ALL on and then click them off to get the look I want. Which, is kind of awesome in terms of flexibility.This dress can be a really formal and traditional ball gown, of the “pick me up at 8 Captain Butler” type or as you see, something very fantasy and imaginative. It’s got skirts and skirts and skirts and options and options and options.
Ice Queen


It even has a hairbob! SCORE!

If you are doing a ballgown/fantasy type party this week – I highly recommend popping over to Sascha’s.

“Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice.”

            ~ Robert Frost 

Frosty Shopping List:

Gown: SAS – Embrace IceQueen
Lips: [PXL] KATE NAT Frozen Lips Glossy (Tattoo)
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Brigitte Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S – Mina – Purple, natural
Poses: STATUS Poses

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