Meanwhile at AVENUE

I was recently hired as a writer at AVENUE and thought you might like to check out some of the articles I have written. It’s been fun profiling different creators, meeting new people and learning about their creative process. I wanted to share that with you.

In December, I wrote a profile of the avant garde designer blackLiquid Tokyoska and  a story about Squinternet Larnia’s year long struggle with cancer and how she is coming back to Second Life with new skills and newfound grace.

In November, I wrote a profile of Ria Bazar, a homebuilder who builds homes that have stories and of fashion icon Takuya Jinn, a clothing designer who is also a story teller in his designs.

In October, I was thrilled to work on a special supplement highlighting William Weaver and the fabulous Phototools he developed that have now been seamlessly integrated into Firestorm. In the regular October issue, I got to write a profile of the dynamic duo of LeeZu!, LeeZu Baxter and Barbara Nicholls as well as a story about the iconoclastic Usermane Resident of Diktator.

I hope you can check out some of the stories. I loved writing them and hope you love reading them. And check out the rest of the magazines. The photos are amazing and there are so many interesting and varied articles.

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