Fourth Annual Mahrathon to Raise Funds for Heifer International

Mahrathon 2012 for Heifer International

Chicago, IL & The Velvet, Second Life, December 8 & 9, 2012 – What began as a joke 4 years ago has grown into a successful annual fundraiser for Heifer International. A conversation about who had spun the longest set inspired Maht Wuyts of The Velvet, one of Second Life’s® oldest clubs, to attempt a 26.2 hour DJ marathon, called the Mahrathon, a joking reference to his first name.

The first Mahrathon raised around $500 from tips donated by people coming to the club. Last year, for the third Mahrathon, he arranged to DJ at the Star Lounge, a Chicago coffeehouse while spinning at The Velvet, raising funds in both worlds and raised over $1500. This year his goal is $2000.

While a small fundraiser compared to many of the others in SL, this one is only 26 hours long, requires no special build or sim, no creators were asked to make anything. It is one guy playing music for 26.2 hours and hoping that will inspire you to give to a charity that helps create sustainable incomes for poor families around the world by not only giving them livestock to support themselves, but asking them to pledge to pay it forward.

The Mahrathon starts at 3:48 on Saturday, December 8th and continues until 6:00 PM on Sunday, December 9th. The odd starting time is necessary for the official 26.2 hours that makes this a marathon, or Mahrathon to be precise. Last year, the Chicago Reader interviewed Wuyts during his marathon set.

In SL, Wuyts is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of music and his vast collection that he mines for unusual and eclectic sets. Over the last year, he has done a weekly set of music from 1960 to 2012, presenting the best music of each year week after week. Anyone attending the Mahrathon for its entirety would be happy to know there will be no repeats.

During the 26.2 hours, several guest hosts will drop in to meet and greet while Wuyts spins his tunes in two worlds. Among the hosts, are Harlow Heslop, Caelan Hancroft, CodeBastard Redgrave, Tristan Elan, Lolotehe Menoptra, Faery Sola, Sachi Vixen, Samara Barzane, BabyChampagne Sass, Harper Beresford, Gabe Bookmite, Callie Cline, Alicia Chenaux, Sasy Scarborough, Gidge Uriza and Cajsa Lilliehook.

To go to The Velvet, click here.

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