So I Heart SL Went SFW

Gogo has been up to something, you can see it in her eyes! She’s revamped the I Heart SL feed in order to bring it into compliance with Google’s® policies. This change makes her feed Safe For Work and family-friendly. You can browse with the kidlets on your lap and don’t have to switch screens when your granny walks by. To do this, she has removed all her feed’s blogs and everyone must reapply for inclusion. Gogo will be adding instructions soon, but according to her plurks she is away from her house and folks are curious about what to do. So I hope this helps.

Before you apply, you need to determine whether your content is 100% safe, because then your process is a bit easier. To decide if you are safe, you can take a look at Google’s Prohibited Content page and see where you fall. If you are 100% NSFW or NSFIHSL – there are many other feeds to check out.

If you have 100% PG content, find your RSS url as usual and submit your application.

If you have mixed content, which we do here at It’s Only Fashion, then you need to designate each individual post as suitable for I Heart SL. This allows you to use your #$%@$%@# words and show your bits and demonstrate your animations to your heart’s content and still send your PG posts to I Heart SL.

So here are the instructions for blogs with mixed content:


  1. In the dashboard, under the Posts Menu, click on Categories. Select Add New and create the category iheartslFeed.
  2. Each post that you want fed to I Heart SL, click the iheartslFeed category in the Categories menu on the right hand side of the Edit Post page. You can go back and add that category to a few posts in your history with Quick Edit, just to catch up your most recent posts. 
  3. Complete the application at I Heart SL with the following RSS feed: http://Yourblogaddress/category/iheartslfeed/feed/. For example, our RSS feed for the category is


  1. Make your posts as usual and add the label iheartslfeed for each post you want to feed to the I Heart SL. Since they don’t have a handy category to click, you must type it in each time.
  2. Complete the application with thefollowing RSS feed:


  1. Add the iheartslfeed tag to each post that you wish to go to the feed. You will have to type it in each time you want to feed a post since they have no handy categories you can just click.
  2. Use the following url for your rss feed:

If someone knows how to do this for TypePad – please add in comments.


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11 thoughts on “So I Heart SL Went SFW

  1. colleen Criss

    iheartsl is only accepting blogs for fashion / poses/ furniture/ etc of a G rating then, is that what I am understanding?

    What about events such Swag Fest, The Bo.oBies Show , BEWBAPALOOZA.

  2. Yauo

    As far as I knew, iheartsl was only ever accepting PG stuff – just that many people forgot/ignored that recently… I remember applying awhile back and it definitely said only PG rating things, no nudity etc… So I am happy it’s actually enforcing that.

  3. Portia Capelo

    Thank you Casja for posting this information. I will not be reapplying to iheartSL. I will not comply with a feed that complies with censorship based on puritanical American “values.” Especially if ad revenue, not moral conviction, is the motive for the restrictions. It is not in fact easy to have one’s blog syndicated on other feeds, so this is a blow for bloggers who want to be able to demonstrate to creators that their work reaches a large audience.

  4. Melanie

    @Portia, iheartSL is a popular website and thus consumes more than a fair amount of bandwidth, not to mention a lot of time and attention on the administrator’s part. Ads help pay for that hosting so that the community may benefit freely. Emphasis on the word “FREE”.

    Just putting this out there so that everyone understands it’s not just a black and white, “$ versus Morals” thing as the comment might lead people to conclude. Practicality needs to enter the equation, too.

  5. PrincessAndrea Usbourne

    Portia you have a beautiful blog, sorry it won’t be on iHeartSL anymore. I do agree with most of what you said. Unfortunately I’m a newer, less influential, less talented blogger, so I have to take what I can get to reach viewers until I get better as a blogger so I had to fix all my posts that weren’t PG. Until something else comes along, iheartSL is about it for me.
    Good luck with your blog however 🙂

  6. Softpaw Sommer

    I for one am glad for this change. As Yauo said, when I applied it was supposed to be PG content but of late it had way to much NSFW posts. There was one a few weeks back that was just so nasty I had to block the images! I could not believe that post was on IheartSl when if you read the submitting rules you said you didn’t post those!

    And while there have been no others THAT bad, that I have seen, it had been getting increasingly more NSFW the last few months.

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