Under the Hood: The Debug Settings

It’s not that every conversation in Second Life turns to Debug Settings, but every conversation about Debug Settings draws everyone’s attention. It’s like getting a car and poking around under the hood, we are afraid to experiment. We pay attention and take notes, and try to remember the tips that are shared.  I have collected a fair number of tips and arrange them in reference to why you might use them.

For a comprehensive list of Debug Settings, check out the Second Life Wiki. Berry did a recent post featuring her favorite Debug Settings.  If you have more debug tips, please add them in comments. I would love to add them to this list.

Update: Lette Ponnier wrote a response providing some context and clarification about how some of these settings can reduce performance. I agree, when I am not taking pictures, I change many back to default since I don’t need that level of detail anymore. I had thought that the categories provided enough context to make that clear, but value her clarification.

Mesh is not showing up properly

  • Meshbytespertriangle: 128
  • Meshmaxconcurrentrequests: 128
  • MeshminimumByteSize: 1

Sculpts are not showing up properly

  • RendervolumeLODFactor: >3


  • MaxDragDistance – limit how far a select prim can run away
  • UISndObjectCreate – Leave it blank to make the build sound go away.

In-world Experience

  • PlayTypingAnim – False (turns off typing)
  • The camera and focus offset settings for a more realistic experience (see Nalates article)
  • NearMeRange=sets the search range for nearby avatars
  • Inventory Linking = True (allows you to paste links to inventory)
  • RenderUnloadedAvatar – Load avatars in your view.


  • ZoomTime = increasing this makes the camera move more smoothly


  • YawFromMousePosition = 0 (stops your head following the mouse around the screen!)
  • RenderAutoMaskAlphaDeferred=True (Use alpha masks where appropriate, in the deferred (‘Lighting and Shadows’) graphics mode)
  • RenderAutoMaskAlphaNonDeferred=True (Use alpha masks where appropriate, in the non-deferred (‘Lighting and Shadows’) graphics mode)
  • RenderDynamicReflections=True – makes shiny objects reflective (unsupported graphics feature that will crash some folks and isn’t exactly bug-proof)
  • Render Glow = Sometimes you want to turn this off because the glow washes out your photo. However, it does not always get rid of all the glow for some reason.
  • RenderGlowResolutionPow – lower this number to reduce the glow
  • RenderDynamicLOD – Set it to “FALSE” to get a more natural distance in a landscape.
  • Torley Linden has an overview of all sorts of settings for photos.
  • Depth of Field settings and camera tilt from Second Life Wiki


  • RenderAppleUseMultGL=True (The default it False but for Mac users on new machines, it should be set to true)
  • ToastGap = 0
  • RenderFarClip = allows you to enter draw distance numerically instead of with a slider. Sometimes setting this to 0 and then back up can make a slow-rezzing place rez faster.
  • noinventoryLibrary=True – gets rid of the Inventory Library

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2 thoughts on “Under the Hood: The Debug Settings

  1. Lette Ponnier

    Thank you for adding the update link to my post, and the clarification of how to use the debugs is appreciated, too! I’m always glad to see good information circulated, and I only had those few that made me itch to add stuff. 🙂

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