No, MY Favorite SL Blogs are the Ones to Read !

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It isn’t a terribly big secret that I don’t spend a LOT of time reading blogs, RL or other. There is probably some irony in there, but the truth is I work full time, I have four children and very busy and active RL. So I make the blogs I do read count, they’re something I am interested in either because of style and content, or because they provide insight and value to me as a blogger.

Gogolita started it off, and even though we’re friends I’m a little fangirly that she named our blog, I thought I’d kick it off to share who it is that I read, when I do read.

In no particular order:

Juicybomb  – Look Gogo’s awesome. She provides clean, clear photos of what is for sale and her vision of the style. She doesn’t get caught up in the artsy fartsy photoshopped hell of creating nothing but pics you can’t sort out. I look at Juicybomb because I am looking for things to BUY. She does great, easy to understand tutorials.

Freestyle – Yeah I still read Freestyle. You should too.

Sasypants – Well styled photos that are again, clean and concise with an eye toward editorial fashion, Sasy is an easy read when I want to see whats new and have a read.  Sasy does great tutorials or informational blogs sometimes too.

Shopping Cart Disco – Because it is an institution. Thats why.

Guerilla Avatar –  Darkley doesn’t know what a good blogger she is. Thus she doesn’t have the baggage some of the so called “THE” blogger types do.  She blogs honestly and from the heart and with passion and honesty for what she loves. I love her style.

Ani’s Second Life: I like her blog because besides cute fashion she always tells little stories with her pics. It’s sweet.

Sylvia Olivier : Her style and swagger is impeccable.

Broke by Payday: On this blog the photography is fun and fashions presented with humor and grace. I always enjoy it.

Insert Funny Name Here : Vaki brings the sexy to androgyny. That’s probably why I want to have sex with her all the time. Plus her style is flawless.

SeraphimSL : At least on Fridays every week.

So, who do you read? I mean besides ME? 🙂



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2 thoughts on “No, MY Favorite SL Blogs are the Ones to Read !

  1. Sasy Scarborough

    thank you to you and Cajsa for including me on your lists, I am really honoured and proud to be in great company ♥ I tried to leave a message on Cajsa’s but I think comments broke for me, so love to her too


  2. kesseret

    Thanks for including me, I LOVE IT! And I love and appreciate you guys at IOF so hard!!!! (also I’m slow, but Gidge beats me and such!!!!!)

    Hugs and love

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