Hey there, I like your hair!


Hair Fair 2012 opens at midnight and I am starting to sort hair for my blog posts featuring the different styles of hair you can find there. This event is to raise funds for Wigs for Kids.  Meanwhile, I thought I would share the map with you and some useful info on making your experience better.

  1. Join the Hair Fair Demo Group. You can copy and paste this into your chat window to join as well. You can set it so it doesn’t deliver and only save the demos you want if you’re afraid of being overwhelmed. Test the demos at home.
  2. Don’t worry too much about your aim when you’re walking around, most of the build is phantom so you can walk through walls.
  3. Take advantage of the pose balls to jump ahead.
  4. De-prim.
  5. Don’t render the other avatars by reducing the number who render in debug settings.  The default is 35, you don’t need to see 35 people, you want to see hair. Go to Advanced Menu (CTL-alt-D) and type in RenderAvatarMaxVisible. Lower it to something reasonable like 5. Don’t make it 0 because if you’re not rendered you can’t move. Now, if you can’t see them, you don’t need to care how much they’re wearing.
  6. Lower your graphic settings. Turn off atmospheric shaders, turn off the water reflections. Turn of particles and lower draw distance. Keep the mesh details high so you can see the hair, though.
  7. Turn on avatar imposters so even the folks who load are not fully loaded.
  8. Meanwhile, Darkley Aeon has kindly posted all the slurls to help guide your way.
  9. And then there is redelivery. I don’t know who is responsible for this innovation this year, but we all owe that person a big hug.

Redelivery Sign

Don’t you love how every year they find another way to make it better?

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