About Last Night…REDUX

It starts off innocently enough. A few drinks, gossip. And then I remembered I had new lingerie and obviously I needed to show it off because, who better to show it to than my friend Vaki? I knew she’d really be looking, and would tell me if she didn’t like it.

Despite my concerns, she assured me that this ensemble did NOT make my ass look fat. So, yay.

But then there were a few more drinks…and a cozy chair…

These things aren’t my fault, really. She shouldn’t be so damned sexy all the time.

Although, it was her KNEEL BEFORE ZOD tag that kinda made me all hot and bothered.

But, AFTER you do the General Zod Dom roleplay, you’re left with the uncomfortable moments of “Hey, so ummm, can I call you a cab?”

Or, this moment as Vaki defined it,”Hey um, sorry I pooped on the sheets when I came.”

So much for the afterglow.

<3 Vaki !

“The only queer people, are those who don’t love anybody.”

                                                              ~Rita Mae Brown

Shopping List:

Hair: Truth – Priscilla – Swedish
Skin: Belleza – Lily 1 Pale 19
Lipstick: Belleza Lily – Lip 5
Lingerie:Seldom Blue: Leanna

Standing Poses:Status

Chair: Mudhoney


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1 thought on “About Last Night…REDUX

  1. Vaki

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA I hate you a million times. (Oh my god, I love this so fucking much and I am laughing my ass off all over again.)

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