Narcissus With Red Lips – Another SL9B Preview

Narcissus in Red Lipstick

As Cajsa and I feverishly work on our SL9B exhibit, I took a break to snap another pic on our parcel because I just finished up my half of that work and was kind of excited.

I’m not going to spill the beans on our parcel’s theme but I think that the great big blogger family of SL will find it fun and interesting if nothing else.

The reason we have a parcel, is as Cajsa put it “Gidge had a whim.” That’s true. It was one of those messages I kept seeing on log in so HEY YAY FOR MARKETING I GUESS IT WORKED, and I was thinking, that’d be kinda cool, participate – be part of the community. In my mind, I had something very simple planned. I said “Hey CAJSA SIGN US UP.” And she did, we got accepted and she flailed “OMG NOW WHAT?” I had no idea.

Cajsa,  on the other hand does nothing half way, and what went from my whim has turned into a full on project that’s just amazing.

She’s lovely like that.

SL9B is coming……..

Pose – Status

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