Pink Of Corset

The Spider Ring Makes It

I did a plurality of shopping at MY ATTIC @ The Deck and as the theme is gorgeous Summer Abroad I have to admit I was pretty much swimming in the pretties while I was there. I’ve got boxes and bags galore strewn over my house, I don’t know how I will ever unpack truly.

Endorsing a Deep Commitment - To My Spider Ring
If I were adding this to my trousseau I would def include the plastic spider ring. I’ve a penchant for ridiculous jewelry, ever since my first boyfriend in the 4th grade asked me to go steady with him, holding up a plastic ring he’d just gotten from a machine.

It said NO in big green letters on it. And of course, I was instantly in love.
Of Corset

You can never have too many corsets ladies. Never. Trust me on this.

You can get this one, the hair and skin all at THE DECKS “MY ATTIC” sale event. 

This and so much more that is awesome to check out, Sasy blogged a lot over at her place so be sure to check out the other goodies!

Your Shopping List:

  • Shape: Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin: Idiosyncrasy- Audrey Pale Vintage MY ATTIC
  • Hair: Exile – SHE LOVES YOU – MY ATTIC
  • Corset: Cracked Mirror – Total Betty Corset – Pink
  • Ingenue: Gatsby Heel – Prussian
  • Ink: KatatOnik – Treat Sleeve Tattoos
  • Ring: Concrete Flowers – Plastic Spider
  • Poses: STATUS
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors -Coral Reef


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