My squishy milk plushie brings…ok old joke

All the pastels!

I saw these boots from G*Field and immediately thought that they’d match everything I own from Honey Kitty. Indeed they do! In fact, the fat pack is so cheap I might have to get all of them simply to match my Honey Kitty addiction! I’m also clutching yet another of those goddamned Starlust gatcha items, more extreme cuteness from Katat0nik. I like clutching my milk, when it’s this cute.

Milk: Katat0nik (teal) heart milk doll, Starlust gatcha item
Necklace: Lolapop! tortured love choker
Poses: Lolapop! Katat0nik poses
Boots: G*Field (mesh) long cuff boots “will” in pink
Tattoos: ~silentsparrow~ vintage tattoos, Starlust gatcha item
Hair: Lamb Oleander – milkshake
Skin: Milk Motion skin Theresa in pale
Outfit: Honey Kitty museum onepiece
Horns: Schadenfreude kinder horns
Blush: Cheap makeup blush – pumpkin

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