Sqinternet Says Thank You


If you go to Squinternet Larnia’s Flickr photostream, she has a set of photos that show what sort of blogger she might be if she ever decides to blog. Pretty amazing, aren’t they? I thought it might be fun to share her pictures with her response to the Donna Flora A to Z project. She sent this to me in Second Life to share with all of you.

Today I have good news. Part of my treatment was wrong and was corrected by doctors more careful that have given a better future prognosis for healing. I want to share with the sweet Cajsa tonight with whom I vented my discouragement and with all of you who are participating at Donna Flora A to Z.

Every post I cry a little or much, without modesty, without shame, when you say … “Squinternet is badly in need of help” but the help can be money, drugs, but the commitment that I see you all in creating something nice for me, something that is more beautiful and shows my works make me feel the urge to get back with you soon.

I’ve seen in your posts beautiful images, words and unexpectedly for me so comforting and full of sincere concern and affection for me. You say,” you gave me something nice, and I will restore it as best I can do” … this is worth more anything in the world. It enters deeply in my heart … and supports me, It is …Love. And it is certain, no one is afraid … I will heal!

I met a new world in this adventure in RL, a guardian angel who is working on my health in a way that I hoped never to deserve, friends who support me as sisters … and the security of having you here, far away in space but always by my side these days.

Meanwhile, at Fashion For Life, the Donna Flora A to Z pictures have been put up in her store for people to see and Tania Tebaldi, her website writer, added this note from Squinternet on the Donna Flora blog. If you would like to see the collected photos from the Donna Flora A to Z project, you can see them in one place on Issuu. Of course, if anyone wants to continue to add to the project, I will add their blogs to the main post, though of course, not to the publication which is finished.

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